Latest Global Mobile Crane News: Custom Solutions & Free Quotation

China, 13th Nov 2023 – The global 25 ton mobile crane is experiencing a significant surge in demand, with experts forecasting remarkable growth in the coming years. According to the latest market data, the industry’s capacity reached an impressive 60.167 billion yuan (RMB) in 2022, and this figure is expected to climb steadily. Leading the charge is XJCM, a prominent mobile crane manufacturer, along with the custom big structural parts sector, which plays a crucial role in meeting the industry’s evolving needs.

Custom Mobile Crane: Rising Global Demand for Mobile Cranes

As construction projects across the globe continue to escalate, the demand for mobile cranes has reached unprecedented levels. Mobile cranes have proven indispensable in various industries, including construction, mining, and logistics. This surge in demand is attributed to the growing need for heavy lifting and material handling solutions, driving the mobile crane market to new heights.

XJCM: A Key Player in the Mobile Crane Industry

Xuzhou 100 ton truck crane. (XJCM) has emerged as a prominent player in the global mobile crane market. Established in 1989, XJCM has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative mobile cranes. The company’s commitment to technological advancements and meeting customer demands has contributed significantly to its success in the industry.

Custom Big Structural Parts: A Crucial Component

Custom big structural parts are an essential element of the mobile crane industry. These parts include booms, jibs, counterweights, and other components that are tailored to specific project requirements. The demand for custom big structural parts has grown in tandem with the mobile crane market, as they play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of these machines.

Market Needs and Challenges for Manufacturers: Custom Mobile Crane

While the future of the mobile crane industry appears promising, manufacturers like XJCM truck cranes OEM Manufacturer face their fair share of challenges. Meeting the ever-increasing demand for mobile cranes while maintaining product quality and safety standards is a complex task. Additionally, the industry must adapt to various regulatory changes and environmental concerns that impact the design and operation of these machines.

Global Market Needs: Custom Mobile Crane

The global mobile crane market needs reliable and versatile machines that can handle a wide range of tasks efficiently. Contractors and project managers are constantly seeking mobile cranes that offer advanced technology, precision, and flexibility to meet their unique requirements. This demand extends to both standard mobile crane models and custom solutions tailored to specific projects.

The Role of Custom Big Structural Parts: Custom Mobile Crane

Custom big structural parts manufacturers have a pivotal role in fulfilling the market’s evolving needs. These parts must be designed to fit seamlessly with various mobile crane models while adhering to safety standards and regulations. Meeting these requirements necessitates a deep understanding of engineering and design principles.

Meeting Environmental Regulations: Custom Mobile Crane

One of the significant challenges facing the mobile crane industry is the need to comply with environmental regulations. As governments worldwide focus on reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices, mobile crane manufacturers must innovate to develop more Construction and Engineering Machinery Manufacturers. This includes exploring alternative power sources, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing emissions to minimize the industry’s carbon footprint.

Technological Advancements: Custom Mobile Crane

To stay competitive and meet market needs, mobile crane manufacturers like XJCM must continue investing in technological advancements. Automation, remote operation, and data analytics are becoming integral parts of crane operation, offering improved safety and efficiency. Adapting to these technological changes requires significant research and development efforts.

Supply Chain Disruptions: Custom Mobile Crane

The global supply chain has faced disruptions in recent years, affecting the availability of key components required for mobile crane manufacturing. This challenge has led manufacturers to explore strategies for ensuring a consistent supply of parts and materials, including diversifying suppliers and increasing stockpiles.


The global mobile crane industry, led by manufacturers like XJCM and supported by custom big structural parts manufacturers, is poised for robust growth in the coming years. However, the industry must navigate challenges related to environmental regulations, technological advancements, and supply chain disruptions to meet the ever-increasing market demands. As construction and infrastructure projects continue to thrive worldwide, the role of mobile cranes remains pivotal in shaping the modern landscape.




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