Dogoshi Announces First Memecoin-Based Staking Protocol for Its Community

Tortola, BVI, 16th January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The team at Dogoshi is proud to announce the launch of their Meme token and staking protocol. The project has a unique approach that unlocks the power of 21 million BTC for staking. 

Its innovative roadmap and user-friendly platform clearly aim to make a big impact in the market. 

A New Meme Token with Unique Protocol and Tokenomics

Dogoshi, a new meme token, is set to introduce a unique staking protocol. Users not mining Dogoshi can stake to earn returns on Dogoshi or USDT. The process is simple, as investors will need to lock tokens and earn an annual percentage yield on holdings. 

It is also worth mentioning that a yearly Dogoshi halving occurs, decreasing the percentage and making production more challenging. This Bitcoin-like strategy encourages early participation. 

The total supply of Dogoshi tokens is limited to 21,000,000, with an initial supply of 3,000,000. Distribution spans various areas:

  • 30% for sale
  • 24% for mining pool and ecosystem
  • 19% for liquidity listing reserves
  • 10% for airdrops
  • 10% for marketing efforts
  • 7% for the team behind Dogoshi. 

Dogoshi’s Roadmap to Success

Dogoshi has a structured plan for its advancement. The first phase, set for Q1 2024, involves a presale launch. This presale release of Dogoshi tokens represents 8% of the total token supply. The presale’s success is crucial, laying the groundwork for subsequent developments and strengthening community ties. 

The second phase, anticipated in Q2 2023, is the official platform launch. This roll-out is contingent on the presale’s successful completion. The platform’s debut will occur in March 2024. 

The platform’s launch symbolizes a significant milestone, marking the beginning of Dogoshi’s operations. It opens up opportunities for users to participate in various activities. These include mining, where users can procure new tokens, and Proof of Stake (PoS) operations. In the PoS model, users can hold tokens and earn a percentage. 

Both phases of the roadmap are integral to Dogoshi’s success. The presale lays the foundation, while the platform launch propels Dogoshi into full operation. The roadmap illustrates Dogoshi’s strategic approach towards sustained growth and success.

About Dogoshi

Dogoshi is an innovative platform in the crypto landscape based in Tortola (BVI). It presents a unique meme token with a distinctive staking protocol. Offering a cap of 21,000,000 tokens, Dogoshi provides opportunities for users to earn. 

The platform has a balanced token distribution, ensuring diverse area allocation, including sales, mining, and ecosystem growth. Dogoshi’s approach mirrors Bitcoin, with yearly halving to encourage early involvement. The roadmap is clear and strategic, with a presale launch acting as the groundwork for success. 

The subsequent platform launch propels forward the operations, introducing mining and Proof of Stake operations for users. Dogoshi aims for sustained growth through this measured and tactical approach.

It is possible to follow the Dogoshi path by following the social pages below and visiting its official website.

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