LIKETV.CC Short Drama Platform: Leading a New Era of Short Dramas.

With the rise of the digital age, LIKETV.CC, under the Singapore New Media Group, is pioneering a new era in the short drama industry through its profound collaborations and unique film and television crowdfunding model.


Forward-Thinking Media Platform

LIKETV.CC actively responds to audience demands, recognizing the tremendous potential in the short drama market. Positioned as a leading platform, LIKETV.CC is committed to meeting diverse viewer needs through a forward-thinking content strategy, creating a platform that sets trends.

Short Drama Market Analysis

The unstoppable rise of the short drama market is closely followed by LIKETV.CC, catering to the audience’s growing demand for captivating stories within a short timeframe. With the accelerated pace of life, short dramas become the ideal choice, and their quick dissemination on social media contributes to the rapid spread of platform content.

Platform Investment Strength

Supported by the robust backing of Singapore New Media, LIKETV.CC boasts substantial strength with global investment layouts in Hong Kong and mainland China’s Hengdian Film and Television City. Daily shoots of new trendy short dramas ensure users consistently enjoy the latest and enthralling film and television works.

Unique Film and Television Crowdfunding Model

LIKETV.CC is at the forefront of a new wave of film and television crowdfunding. Diverging from traditional investment models, LIKETV.CC’s unique crowdfunding approach allows users to become shareholders in short drama content creation with a simple click, providing a novel participation opportunity for film and television enthusiasts.

Deep Collaborations and User Engagement

Through profound collaborations with key industry players like Hong Kong film and television companies and Hengdian Film and Television City in mainland China, LIKETV.CC ensures a continuous attraction of audiences with daily shoots of new trendy short dramas. The user-friendly interface encourages participation, bridging the gap between creators and investors, redefining the dynamics of the entertainment industry.

Platform Highlights

Free Viewing Experience: Users can download the platform app for free, enjoying daily updated short dramas without any cost, providing access to high-quality film and television content.

Recruitment of Site Administrators: To better maintain platform order and enhance user experience, LIKETV.CC is recruiting short drama enthusiasts as site administrators, actively participating in the platform’s growth.

Partnership Recruitment: The platform invites various partners, including writers, directors, and actors, to collaborate and create more creatively unique short dramas. Interested parties can visit the partnership recruitment page for more information.

Future Prospects

As LIKETV.CC continues to expand its content library and establish new partnerships, the platform is poised to become a leading force in the short drama market. Its commitment to innovation and user engagement sets it apart, offering a dynamic and rewarding experience for both viewers and investors.


LIKETV.CC is not just a platform for watching short dramas; it’s a passionate community that brings together individuals who love film and television, actively supporting and investing in the content they are passionate about. As the platform leads the future of short dramas, we will witness a new era redefining narrative storytelling in the digital age. Download the platform app at to freely enjoy daily new trendy short dramas and witness the brilliant future of short dramas together!

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