Ealing Council Takes a Stand with LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Unveils HouseProud Pledge Led by Housing Division Leader Nicky Fiedler.

Summary: Ealing Council, under the leadership of Housing Division leader Nicky Fiedler, is making significant strides in promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity through the introduction of the HouseProud Pledge. 

With the latest developments, Ealing Council takes a stand with LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and unveils HouseProud, led by Housing Division leader Nicky Fiedler. This commitment underscores  Council’s unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant, respectful community that celebrates individual differences. 

With Nicky Ridley at the forefront, the initiative seeks to ensure that every LGBTQ+ resident has access to housing where they can feel secure, welcome, and an integral part of a supportive neighborhood. The unveiling of the HouseProud Pledge marks Ealing Council’s decisive step towards establishing housing inclusivity as the standard for all community members.

The HouseProud Pledge, rooted in the insights of the University of Surrey’s “No Place Like Home?” study, was officially introduced in May 2019. This transformative initiative calls upon housing providers to actively engage with LGBTQ+ residents, bringing about fundamental changes in housing policies and practices to foster genuine inclusivity. The Pledge represents a proactive commitment to enhancing living conditions and promoting robust community engagement for LGBTQ+ individuals in social housing.

Nicky Fiedler, the visionary leader spearheading this initiative, emphasizes   Council’s dedication to creating an environment where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feels a sense of belonging. The HouseProud Pledge is a comprehensive strategy that addresses the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in securing safe and affirming housing. By adopting this pledge, Ealing Council is taking proactive steps to dismantle barriers and create an environment that prioritizes the well-being of LGBTQ+ residents.

In addition, originating from the research findings of the University of Surrey’s “No Place Like Home?” study, the HouseProud Pledge is founded on the principle that housing providers play a crucial role in shaping the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. This commitment extends beyond rhetoric, aiming to create meaningful changes in housing policies and practices that positively impact the lives of LGBTQ+ residents.

Diane Thompson, the coordinator responsible for overseeing the implementation of the HouseProud Pledge. Individuals and organizations seeking insights or assistance regarding the Pledge or Ealing Council’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity in housing are encouraged to reach out to Diane at thompsondi@ealing.gov.uk.


Furthermore,  Ealing Council makes a public commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity as well as allows for collaboration and dialogue with the community. Council recognizes that true inclusivity requires ongoing effort, and by working together, Ealing aims to set an example for other communities, aspiring to create welcoming and affirming spaces for all residents.

About HouseProud Pledge:

Originating from the landmark insights of the University of Surrey’s “No Place Like Home?” study, the HouseProud Pledge was instituted in May 2019. It calls upon housing providers to engage with LGBTQ+ residents and transform housing policies and practices to promote true inclusivity. This Pledge is a proactive commitment to better living conditions and stronger community engagement for LGBTQ+ individuals in social housing.

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Web site:  https://www.ealingfamiliesdirectory.org.uk 

hashtag :https://www.houseproud-lgbt.com/pledge


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